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The company under the name of Kancelaria Adwokatów i Radców Prawnych Monika Sikorska, Karol Sikorski spółka partnerska with its registered office in Gniezno is a rapidly developing legal practice which operates mainly in the Wielkopolska region. We provide legal assistance at the highest meritorious and organisational level.

The Law Firm provides entrepreneurs with a wide and comprehensive range of services with the top professional standard. We have vast experience in assisting clients from the following industries: jewellery, pharmaceutical, chemical, coal, hotel services, food, furniture, electric, development, construction and transport. The current market position of the Law Firm has been the result of its involvement and efficiency in carrying out its tasks. Our loyal clients have always appreciated it.

The Law Firm provides comprehensive services to both Polish and foreign clients. Our clients have been entrepreneurs from Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and China. Our services can be provided in English, German and Spanish.


na najwyższym poziomie merytorycznym i organizacyjnym.


dla klientów prowadzących działalność gospodarczą.


w obsłudze firm zarówno polskich, jak i zagranicznych.


We provide the comprehensive legal assistance in the area of civil law which constitutes the basis of  commercial and business activities.

In particular we can help to: draft, prepare opinions and negotiate all types of contracts, enforce rights under warranties or guarantees, seek compensation for non-performance or improper performance of obligations, seek compensation for tortious acts, protect personal rights of natural and legal persons, protect the property rights to movables and immovables, recover the immovable property, seek enforcement of vindicative claims and restitution claims, conduct litigation, dissolve co-ownership amicably and handle the succession law cases.

The Law Firm provides the full legal and tax services in all legal aspects of conveyance of real estate.

In particular we can help to: conduct the analysis of the legal condition of the property, prepare opinions, negotiate and draft civil agreements related to conveyancing, to purchase real property by foreigners, represent clients during administrative proceedings concerning the real property, including offer legal and tax advice.

The Law Firm can conduct cases in this area, in particular cases on: establishing that the real property does not fall under the Land reform, e.g. palace and park complexes, restitution of forest land taken over under the Decree on taking over forests by the State Treasury, seeking compensation for damage caused to palace and park complexes during their ownership by the State, compensation for using palace and park complexes without proper contracts by the State Treasury, reprivatisation of industrial plants, the property left beyond the Bug river reactivating the pre-war companies.

Our Law Firm offers Polish and foreign entities complex advisory services in all cases concerning companies and partnerships at each stage of a business formation as well as ongoing business operation. We advise our clients on how to: restructure, transform and divide companies, liquidate a company, deal with mergers and takeovers. We assist clients at any stage of such transactions, including in conducting due diligence,  identifying and managing legal risk in planned transactions, preparing and negotiating transaction documents, in representing and advising in the area of preventing market concentration, representing clients in other administrative proceedings concerning a transaction.

In this area of specialism the Law Firm can offer clients help to evaluate the planned activities in light of compliance with competition law and consumer protection law, represent clients in proceedings conducted by the President of the Competition and Consumers’ Protection Office (UOKiK) related to anti-competition agreements, the abuse of a dominant position and practices infringing collective consumers’ interests, advise whether the planned transaction should be reported to the President of UOKiK, prepare concentration applications and represent clients during the anti-monopoly proceedings conducted by the President of UOKiK in concentration cases. In the area of combating unfair competition the Law Firm can assess entrepreneurs’ activities from unfair competition practices perspective, offer representation in court cases on enforcing claims based on unfair competition practices, implement legal solutions ensuring the protection of trade secrets, draft confidentiality agreements, agreements with employees and contractors in order to secure the business against unfair competition practices, represent clients in disputes over combating unfair competition.

We provide ongoing legal services to transport companies and forwarding firms. In particular the Law Firm can prepare drafts and legal opinions on transport and forwarding contracts, including forwarding documents and regulations of providing transport services, offer court representation in cases on seeking claims under transport law, establish the scope of liability of entities for damage caused in transit, and seek compensation arising from such claims, prepare legal opinions of insurance policies in order to ensure the optimal insurance cover, help in loss adjustment in claims against insurance companies, offer representation of transport and forwarding firms in proceedings before public administration organs.

The Law Firm assists its clients in the area of individual and collective employment law issues. In particular we can prepare employees documents during the course of employment, prepare documents concerning individual and collective redundancies, draft employment agreements, anti-competition agreements, management contracts, prepare workplace regulations, rules of remuneration, regulations on a company social contribution fund, collective agreements, trade union settlements, guarantees of employment. We offer our comprehensive experience in resolving employment disputes as well as in conducting litigation in this respect.

In this area the Law Firm offers assistance in: divorce cases with and without establishing fault, legal separation cases, cases to implement a separate property regime, division of community property, cases for alimony from ex-spouses, including child support from parents and other persons having maintenance obligation, cases on upholding parental responsibilities by one parent, cases on establishing contacts with a child, management of a minor’s assets, applying for a court approval to make acts on important issues for a child in the absence of parental mutual consent, adoption cases, cases on care of a minor and guardianship.


Monika Sikorska


  • graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań,

  • member of the Poznań Bar Association since 2007,

  • specializes in company law and family law,

  • speaks English, Spanish and Italian

+48 603 399 323


Karol Sikorski

an advocate

  • graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

  • a member of the Wielkopolska Advocates’ Chamber since 2005

  • graduated from Postgraduate Studies on Employment Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

  • a graduate of the Tax Academy at the Accountants’ Association in Poland

  • a post-graduate of the Competition Law Post-graduate Studies in the Legal Sciences Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw

  • graduated from Postgraduate Studies on Restructuring and Bankruptcy Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

  • entered in the list of mediators kept by the Mediation Centre of the National Advocates’ Chamber

  • founding member and Deputy Chair of the Wielkopolska Chamber of Commerce with its registered office in Gniezno

  • specializes in company law, competition law and employment law

  • speaks of English and German

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